I dream of a place called home.
Julie. 25. Feminist. Fangirl.
From Nice, France.

We are so proud of you, Quinn.
Take care now.
Basically, I rule.



Claudia Black talking about Aeryn Sun’s birth scene in “Peacekeeper Wars”


vala mal doran || 8 gifs per episode
  ↳ stargate: sg-1 08x12: prometheus unbound


"There are multiple times where she had perfect right to want to kill me. And even in the miniseries, the truth is that I can be a complete and utter jerk. I admit it, it just comes out. But it comes out at a time where I’m either overwhelmed with how bad I am or with the story that you’re telling or someone has just come in and said “We’re gonna do this scene tomorrow, and we’ve moved the schedule.” and somebody says something. And if it was Claudia, because I’m so comfortable with her - I almost never did it to anyone else - but if it was Claudia, she would say something and it was almost like a domestic relationship where you go Quit promptin’ me, woman!, and you go “Oh my god, what just came out of my mouth!”” [x]


vala mal doran || 8 gifs per episode
  ↳ stargate: sg-1 09x04: the ties that bind




This will be my last confession; 
"I love you" never felt like any blessing.
Whisper it like it's a secret,
only to condemn the one who hears it,
with a heavy heart.


vala gifset per episode: 9x03, “origin”


vala gifset per episode: 9x05, “the powers that be”

 Lea Michele arrives on the set of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (x)


Yeah, she never loved him… right?

She loved me sometimes, and I loved her too.
How could one not have loved her great still eyes.
Pablo Neruda